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DiyOilPaintings.com is the largest online suppliers of paint-by-number-kit. We are the professional company of make paint by number kits. We have professional designers and professional factory. All the paintings by number kits are made for kids and adults, for family. Our professional designers created lots of painting by number kits masterpieces. Such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet etc.

You can find thousands of kits on DiyOilPaitings.com including simple kids paint by number kits and advanced adult paint by number kits as well. Different sizes range from 15*15cm to 80*200cm, and cartoon kits or landscape kits or religious kit for you to choose, it's no doubt that you can find the fittest ones to decorate your living room, sleeping room or even bath room, all of them are your own masterpieces.

All our painting by number kits use the best canvas with smooth fabric and easy to paint and the pre-printed textured art canvas with clear line and numbers. The high-quality safe acrylic paints are vacuum packing to prevent leakage and drying, as well as equipped with three different sizes of the best painting brushes so that you can paint different blocks more smoothly.

With the full expertise, focusing, low profit strategy and bulk gathering, we are able to retail the items at a very competitive price.

We are committed to provide the best products and the best service for customers. Your needs is our goal.